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/Locked out of S3 Bucket due to Bucket Policy in GovCloud/

Locked out of S3 Bucket due to Bucket Policy in GovCloud


Hello, I have an S3 bucket in a GovCloud account that is locked to everyone and everything due to its bucket policy. Normally, in a commercial account I'd be able to delete the bucket/policy with the root account, however, GovCloud accounts don't seem to have root users. Using an IAM Admin Role doesn't seem to work either. I was wondering what other options I had in order to remove the bucket and/or the bucket policy.

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You will need to contact AWS Support for them to disable the bucket policy for buckets in GovCloud. As you indicated, there is no root account for you to login to do it yourself.

answered 5 months ago

You will need to open up a support ticket from the linked account in the standard partition. See:

AWS GovCloud (US) Administrator Account Password Reset


How IAM Differs for AWS GovCloud (US)

answered 5 months ago

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