EBS: Volume queue length anomaly detected - can't find volume mentioned as Source


Hi all!

We are having repeating alarms coming from Application Insights for one of our EC2 servers

EBS: Volume queue length anomaly detected

Source vol-0e494631235e0fba0

But we are not able to locate mentioned volume (this particular EC2 instance has different volume id attached to it and it's healthy) Also this application consists from only one EC2 instance Searching by this vol-0e494631235e0fba0 in EC2->Elastic Block Store->Volumes UI also doesn't give any results

Any tips appreciated! Thanks

1 Answer

What about using the following AWS CLI?

aws ec2 describe-volumes --volume-ids vol-0e494631235e0fba0
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answered 4 months ago
  • Thanks, it gives the same result

    An error occurred (InvalidVolume.NotFound) when calling the DescribeVolumes operation: The volume 'vol-XXXXXXXXXX' does not exist.

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