What is the storage limit for the AWS Lightsail container service?


I have developed a python flask api, dockerized it and deployed into the AWS Lightsail container service (1 Micro).

The API has got a POST endpoint using which user can POST file. The API will store the file in a temporary folder, process the file (extract keywords) and respond back with JSON response.

I know that - if the container instance crashes, then a new instance will be spun up by AWS and therefore I will loose any files stored by the API's POST endpoint.

I want to ask regarding the instance that is running:

  1. Whether there is any max file size limit?

  2. What is the maximum disk space?

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2 Answers

Lightsail Containers receive a minimum of 20 GiB of ephemeral storage for each node.

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Hey Folks,

AWS Lightsail FAQ have this info, related to entirely service, and not only to Containers. The same quotas applies.

  1. Docs not says about "max individual file size".
  2. Q: How large can I make my attached disk? A: Each attached disk can be up to 16 TB, and the total amount of attached block storage in a Lightsail account must not exceed 20 TB. Q: How many disks can I attach per Lightsail instance? A: You can attach up to 15 disks to a Lightsail instance.

Refer: https://lightsail.aws.amazon.com/ls/docs/en_us/articles/amazon-lightsail-frequently-asked-questions-faq#amazon-lightsail-faq-block-storage

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answered 2 years ago
  • The section from where you have copied the text is Block Storage. But Lightsail container service doesn't support block storage or attaching disks. So how can you say that this quota applies to light sail container service?

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