While trying to Update a table present in one database using a table present in another database, I'm getting an ASSERT error


In Redshift, I'm trying to update a table using another table from another database. The error details: SQL Error [XX000]: ERROR: Assert

error: Assert
code: 1000
context: scan->m_src_id == table_id -
query: 17277564
location: xen_execute.cpp:5251
process: padbmaster [pid=30866]

The context is not helpful. I have used a similar join based approach for other tables and there the update statement has been working fine.

Update syntax used:

UPDATE ods.schema.tablename
               "TimeStamp" = GETDATE(),
		"col" = S."col",
FROM ods.schema.tablename T
INNER JOIN stg.schema.tablename S
	ON T.Col = S.Col;
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In this context, please note that, assert errors can occur due to a race condition during the processing of a query.

The ASSERT error can occur when there's an issue with the query itself. If you get an ASSERT error after a patch upgrade, please update Amazon Redshift to the newest cluster version.

[+] https://aws.amazon.com/premiumsupport/knowledge-center/redshift-query-abort/

That being said, to further look into this issue more closely, if you would like to do a resource based troubleshooting, please raise a support case with AWS for further information. If a support case has already been created please be assured that we will get back to you and assist you in the best way possible.

answered 15 days ago

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