Can on-demand RHEL instances be converted to BYOL without changing AMIs?


Can on-demand RHEL instances be converted to BYOL without using the AMI that shared from Red Hat? My customer runs on-demand instances in their environment and would like to move to a BYOL enterprise license without having to redeploy every RHEL server.

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No, paid Linux versus free Linux is part of the product code of the AMI that the instance was launched from. In the case of Windows, in order to launch a BYOL instance, it requires the customer to bring their own media (i.e. VM Import of a gold image).

For RHEL images where customers purchase licenses directly from Red Hat, it is possible to get the base BYOL images from Red Hat (see FAQ).

answered 5 years ago

Can a reserved instance use BYOL? If yes, shall the customer create his own AMI ?

answered 3 months ago

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