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/DB Instance restarting due to " MySQL induced log backup issues"/

DB Instance restarting due to " MySQL induced log backup issues"


In the last two weeks, we have been seeing a database instance resetting once or twice a day. Looking at the recent event logs shows the following event, which notes the reset:

MySQL restart initiated to address MySQL induced log backup issues. Note that as part of this resolution, a DB Snapshot will be performed after MySQL completes restarting.

We have not added any new logging to our database instance or changed any settings in the last two weeks. We are not sure what could be causing log backup issues. How can we root cause this issue to drive to a solution?

1 Answers

Someone had a similar problem a few years ago: Later, the author of the post wrote that updating the database was a solution.
If you're looking for a solution to connect directly to RDS, here are step-by-step instructions: If you're looking for shell access, it may be not feasible because this is an AWS-managed service.

Regards, Dominik

answered 2 months ago

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