Problem listing App Runner services (Error listing services message)


Hi guys, have been using App Runner services for months but something new came up today and nothing is declared in the Health page so I though I could maybe find an answer here.

I'm getting an "Error listing services." on the App Runner \ Services pages. And none of my services are shown so I can't manage them currently. I also have the same error for the Github Connections page. I logged out and back in but it does not help.

App Runner Services pages in error

This error below is in the browser console multiple times: Browser console error

Any ideas ? Thanks

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We're having the same issue in us-east-2. I am able to list the services via AWS CLI, however.

answered a year ago
  • I'm actually in us-east-2 also. I don't know why it tries to connect to fusion.gamma in us-east-1. We see in the list of accepted servers the Maybe it is down and it fallbacks to us-east-1 but then it refuses connection.

    I'm also able to list the sevices view AWS CLI.

    At least the services run fine. And the one with automatic deployments are also deploying.

  • I contacted support and they fixed the issue.

  • Yes it is thanks!

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