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Hey there!

I've been attempting to use ECS Fargate with Windows containers and am running into some unclear documentation.

It seems in the documentation, platform version 1.0.0 is the latest given to Windows, and 1.4.0 is the latest given to Linux containers. Now, there are certain task definition's that are supposedly available to Windows according to the documentation but turn out not to be. I'll list this here in the hopes that this could be cleared up by the ECS Fargate team.

  1. ephemeralStorage - Here it's shown the ephemeralStorage is able to adjusted on Windows Fargate and here, however in the API doc it says this is not available for Windows I believe that 1.0.0 does not actually support this as I've been trying to run a large unreal engine docker image (151gb uncompressed) and keep getting "CannotPullContainer: failed to extract layer" errors.

  2. environmentFiles - At these docs it is shown that the environmentFiles field should work for Windows 1.0.0 but whenever I try to include this field in my Windows task I get a PlatformTaskDefinitionIncompatibilityException which makes me suspect it is not actually implemented. You can follow this issue I made here

I suspect there are probably more discrepancies between the documentation and the implementation for Windows Fargate, and I suspect not many people are running Windows containers on Fargate, but I do feel this should be rectified! I'll continue adding to this list if anything more comes up.

I'm going to attempt to instead run a cluster on an EC2 instance and hopefully the process will be a bit smoother.

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Good catch, Sean! Please, send feedback for this Docs on the AWS Docs page, right side at the top of page (Feedback Button).

Thank you!

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answered 10 months ago

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