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Cannot load my FPGA Image



I developed an FPGA accelerator for f1-instances. Several years ago I made it. I set it as public. Now, I want to use it again, but cannot load it. Here are some details.

In short, it is my image, set also as public. It matches with the shell on the aws-instance. However, I cannot load it. The details are below.

Can you please help me resolve the issue and load the image?

Kind Regards,


These are the details of my image, with afi-0da97a1d59bf1e558 and agfi-05bfb2806dd7970d2. I am the owner with correct Owner ID. Besides, it is set as public.

[centos@ip-172-31-92-65 xdma]$ aws ec2 describe-fpga-images --fpga-image-ids afi-0da97a1d59bf1e558
    "FpgaImages": [
            "UpdateTime": "2019-12-06T13:58:03.000Z", 
            "Name": "he_v1_5_afi", 
            "Tags": [], 
            "PciId": {
                "SubsystemVendorId": "0xfedd", 
                "VendorId": "0x1d0f", 
                "DeviceId": "0xf000", 
                "SubsystemId": "0x1d51"
            "DataRetentionSupport": false, 
            "FpgaImageGlobalId": "agfi-05bfb2806dd7970d2", 
            "State": {
                "Code": "available"
            "ShellVersion": "0x04261818", 
            "OwnerId": "210929643974", 
            "FpgaImageId": "afi-0da97a1d59bf1e558", 
            "Public": true, 
            "Description": "he_v1_5_description"

Here is the slot information. You can see that shell version 0x04261818 matches with the accelerator information above

[centos@ip-172-31-92-65 xdma]$ sudo fpga-describe-local-image -S 0 -H
Type  FpgaImageSlot  FpgaImageId             StatusName    StatusCode   ErrorName    ErrorCode   ShVersion
AFI          0       none                    cleared           1        ok               0       0x04261818
Type  FpgaImageSlot  VendorId    DeviceId    DBDF
AFIDEVICE    0       0x1d0f      0x1042      0000:00:1d.0

Now, if I try to load it, I receive error

[centos@ip-172-31-92-65 xdma]$ sudo fpga-load-local-image -S 0 -I agfi-05bfb2806dd7970d2
Error: (5) invalid-afi-id
The agfi id passed is invalid or you do not have permission to load
the AFI.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for reaching out to AWS. Could you please confirm if you are loading the AFI in the same region where it was originally created?

    If you are running instance in a different region, then the AFI needs to be copied into that region. Please see instructions in the link below:

    Please let us know if you see any issues or have questions.

    Thanks! Chakra

  • Hello Chakra,

    Thanks a lot for your answer. It was indeed the problem I was facing. With your comment, I found my mistake. Now everything works well.

    Kind Regards,


asked 12 days ago21 views
1 Answers

Hello, thank you for confirming that copying AFI into desired region solved your problem. We shall mark this post as "Answered". Please feel free to reach us if you have any further questions. Thank you!


answered 10 days ago

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