Using VPC Peering in addition to Transit Gateway for cost optimization


A Customer is planning to migrate to Amazon EKS, but will be operating their clusters in parallel for a while. They will be leveraging Transit Gateway (TGW) to connect to other VPCs, where database and auxiliary services live.

The question is if it is worth it to use VPC Peering in addition to connecting the two cluster VPCs with each other instead of using the TGW for that traffic, as that might be more cost effective.

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It's (always) a trade off between cost and complexity, so it depends.

In this case the additional cost arises just from the TGW attachment cost, which (depending on the use-case) can be marginal. Customer should do a calculation to understand the financial advantage and factor in the added complexity as well.

Then, it will be up to them to decide whether or not the financial advantage justifies the added complexity or not.

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