Why does my AWS Lambda function, triggered by an Event Bridge scheduler at 9:15 AM daily, consistently start processing 43 seconds late, despite similar functions executing almost instantly?


I have implemented a trading algorithm using an AWS Lambda function triggered by an Event Bridge scheduler set for 9:15 AM daily. Despite setting the cronjob to initiate the Lambda function at the specified time, there is a consistent delay of 43 seconds before the Lambda function begins processing the request. I've reviewed the Cloud Watch logs to verify this delay. Notably, I have other Lambda functions designed similarly with the same event scheduler that execute almost instantaneously. Additionally, my Lambda function relies on data from an RDS instance (if this info is relevant). I am seeking assistance to identify the possible causes of this delay and guidance on resolving this issue to ensure timely execution of my trading algorithm.

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According to the AWS documentation, EventBridge Scheduler does not provide second accuracy, it invoke their targets with 60 second precision, so I would say it's normal.

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answered 16 days ago
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  • Thankyou sir, but why isn't the same for the other two lambda function I'm running. Is there any way I can increase the speed.

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