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Hello, I have long been waiting for AWS Certificate Manager validation to use my DNS name. But it hasn't still been validated. I created Cname records in Route 53, and I can see that record. And I got my DNS name from AWS before. What can be the reason?

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Hello there,

My check list:

For your case just want to check, when we perform the dig to the CNAME record are we seeing response. If not, then we need to check on which Public hosted our domain is configured (often we create multiple HZ's and end-up adding in wrong HZ)

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answered 2 years ago

Hi there,

It's worth noting that the verification will timeout after 72 hours, so it will be possible you'll have to set this certificate up again.

In the mean time, check that your verification has been copied and pasted into Route53 correctly. A common mistake is to copy the full verification record, including the target domain, which then causes a double domain reference. e.g.

Check that you have not done this by accident.

Ensure that you have not stripped the _ from the start of the verification record too.

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answered 2 years ago

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