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Error establishing a database connection with RDS and OpenLiteSpeed AIMs


Hi, I have installed pre-configured OpenLiteSpeed AMIs in an EC2 instance. I'm planning on using Amazon RDS Maria DB. After successful installation, I have connected my domain and installed SSL and I went inside the (cd /var/www/HTML) file where I have my WordPress installed and changed the wp-config.php file with the database details I have received from RDS. After that when I'm visiting the website it's showing "Error establishing a database connection". Not sure what I have done wrong. I have only changed the database name, username, password, and hostname, I didn't make any other change in the config file.

asked 8 months ago34 views
1 Answer

Hi Jiban,

I understand you got an “Error establishing a database connection" when you are visiting your website. Error establishing a database connection" might occur for the following reasons: There are corrupted database tables, the remote database connection is disabled, the database service is down, there is insufficient space on your volume or there are incorrect login credentials in your WordPress Configuration file. In addition [1], I have provided a documentation with guided steps to resolve the issue.

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answered 3 months ago

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