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Got access to the Amazon PA API but always get Error 429 Too many requests


Hi there,

I just recently got access to the Amazon PA API, and generated my secret keys.

I was experimenting on my Node.JS environment and trying to send my first request.

But I only got the error: Error 429 - Too many requests.

So I though I was doing something wrong and went to ScratchPad.

And on ScratchPad I also got the same error: Error 429 - Too many requests.

So far, I haven't been able to make any successful request. They always come back with the same error message:

Error 429 - Too many requests.

I feels like I'm out of quota, but if I just got access to it, shouldn't I at least have some initial quota/limit to do some requests?

PS: My website generates referred sales regularly, around 30-40 sales each month.

asked 7 months ago142 views
1 Answer

If this is in regards to the Product Advertising (PA) API. You will want to reach out to that support team following this documentation:

Unfortunately that service is not under AWS.

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answered 7 months ago
  • They contacted me many times and they didn't reply correctly. It was my api account that had a problem, and the account kept showing 429.

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