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/How to connect AWS Lambda to MariaDB SkySQL with IPv4 address/

How to connect AWS Lambda to MariaDB SkySQL with IPv4 address


What I'm doing is using AWS Lambda with Serverless-Express to host my Express API via AWS. I've done that for the most part, but my endpoints that attempt to query my MariaDB SkySQL database are not working, and from the CloudWatch logs it looks like the database connection is timing out.

I think the issue is that SkySQL isn't recognizing AWS Lambda as having proper permissions to access the database. In my SkySQL database I have to manually add IPv4 addresses that are allowed to query the database. My question is, how do I get the IPv4 address(es), and/or is there a better way to do this?

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Hi, @Ronkillo123

MariaDB SkySQL assumes you are on the internet.

Your Lambda function can be integrated into your VPC.
Lambda integrated into the VPC enables outbound communication to the Internet via a NAT gateway / NAT instance.

Since you can attach an Elastic IP address to NAT, the IP address will be fixed.

answered a month ago

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