API for Billing/Payments?


Is there an AWS API available to query data from the Billing and Cost Management > Payments section? I'm interested to pull information about invoices in a programmatic way rather than logging into the web console, but couldn't find anything relevant.

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Here is the API documentation for AWS Billing and Cost Management.

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answered 3 months ago
  • Thanks, I was actually looking into this documentation already, but couldn't find any relevant endpoints for my scenario.

  • Unfortunatelly there is no API for pulling invoices.


How about accessing usage via S3 using the AWS Cost and Usage Report? https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cur/latest/userguide/what-is-cur.html

You can also use "Legacy report delivery to S3" if you only need monthly reports. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/awsaccountbilling/latest/aboutv2/getting-viewing-bill.html#download-monthy-report

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answered 3 months ago
  • I don't think the Cost and Usage Report provides the payment information I'm after. Please note that I'm specifically interested in the status of active invoices (due, overdue).

  • I misunderstood your question. If an invoice's status is required, I do not believe there is a programmatic way to handle it.

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