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Accessing worker identity in Human Loop template


Hello. I'm using AWS Augmented AI to create Human review workflows, I do have custom templates set up and workflows configured, do have AWS worker portal configured and can authenticate there with Cognito identity. Now, whenever I start working on a Human Loop task with my custom template I'd like to know the identity of the worker currently working on a task. Is there a way I can get a cookie or auth code or the full JWT token from the task page? I explored both the page and the nested iframe but couldn't find any useful cookies or any other related information there.

Long story short what I'm trying to make is to create a lambda behind the secured API Gateway endpoint that will return the information specific to a worker that is currently working on a Human Loop task and to render this information in my template. I thought I can get a JWT token from the cookies and use it to access the API Gateway.

Can you please clarify whether I can do this or if any other options are available. Thanks.

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