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Hi, i'm having a problem on finding the correct way of passing the parameter values to the following filtering expression for the get-usage-forecast. Can anyone help me with knowing how to writing the values for this expression?

aws ce get-usage-forecast --time-period Start=2022-10-07,End=2023-01-07 --granularity MONTHLY --metric USAGE_QUANTITY --filter {"Dimensions": {"Key":"USAGE_TYPE_GROUP, "Values": ["EC2: ELB - Running Hours", "EC2: Running Hours", "RDS: Running Hours"]}}

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Your filter has two issues.

  1. The Key value "USAGE_TYPE_GROUP is missing a double-quote at the end.
  2. Since you need to pass the filter as a single value as a JSON, you want to enclose the filter JSON within a single quotes ('').

The working command looks like the following:

aws ce get-usage-forecast --time-period Start=2022-10-22,End=2023-01-07 --granularity MONTHLY --metric USAGE_QUANTITY --filter '{"Dimensions": {"Key":"USAGE_TYPE_GROUP", "Values": ["EC2: ELB - Running Hours", "EC2: Running Hours", "RDS: Running Hours"]}}'
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  • Thanks a lot for your help, that worked perfectly. I didn't know about enclosing the JSON within single quotes...

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