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Are ed25519 ssh keys supported in AWS Transfer Family?


As the subject asks. I've successfully used ed25519 keys over in EC2, but however I try to enter an ed25519 ssh key to a user at "SFTP, FTPS, & FTP Servers > server-id > username > Add key", I keep getting the error message "Enter a valid SSH public key". Just wondering if I'm doing something wrong or its not supported. (yet?)

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AWS Transfer Family doesn't support ED25519 SSH Keys as of now for SSH authentication. The service only supports SSH Keys with RSA algorithms. If you can share your requirement on using the ED25519 Keys, I can submit a feature request to the service team on your behalf. You can reply on the thread or send me a private message in regards to the same.


answered a year ago

Its not so much a "requirement", just a preference. I use a YubiKey for ssh authentication and its slightly, yet noticeably faster when using ed25519 keys. I can easily use rsa keys when needed.

Thanks for the information!

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answered a year ago

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