RDS AUTO UPGRADE BUG - Automatic minor upgrade despite being disabled


2 AM in the EU-West-2 region RDS did an automatic minor upgrade from 8.0.20 to 8.0.28 even though the "Enable auto minor version upgrade" checkbox was unchecked. As a result, the MySQL Workbench could not connect to the DB forcing us to reboot.

How do we ensure that RDS doesn't upgrade the version despite disabling the automatic minor upgrade?

Thanks for your help!

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RDS, as PaaS, doesn't support all possible versions and each version has end-of-support date. When that date is reached, AWS will automatically upgrade minor versions. In your case 8.0.20 did reach it's end-of-support and got upgraded to 8.0.28 that will remain supported until June 2023.


From https://repost.aws/questions/QUNtmzJyBBRsaZqUDaEYgUig/how-could-i-find-out-when-an-rds-instance-would-go-out-of-support

Q: What happens when an RDS DB engine version is deprecated?

When a minor version of a database engine is deprecated in Amazon RDS, we will provide a three (3) month period after the announcement before beginning automatic upgrades. At the end of the this period, all instances still running the deprecated minor version will be scheduled for automatic upgrade to the latest supported minor version during their scheduled maintenance windows.

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answered 10 months ago

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