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Re: AWS Lambda functions logging to Cloudwatch Delay up to 30 minutes


I'm seeing a change that really just started yesterday afternoon, Wednesday April 6th 2022 approximately 14:00 GMT. I used to be able to trigger a Lambda function (in my case I'm using API Gateway to trigger it) and I could normally see the relevant log entries show up in the AWS CloudWatch Console usually within a few seconds.

As of yesterday, the logs are taking up 30 minutes to show up and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar or could point me in the right direction to check things out. Thank you in advance!

  • In which region are you seeing this? Are you still seeing this delay?

  • ahh - good point ... yes, seeing this in 'us-east-1' region. And, yes, still seeing the delay here today. It's interesting, the delay is almost EXACTLY 30 minutes -- when I time it. thank you!

  • What is the timeout of your lambda? Are you logging asynchronously and not awaiting the completion?

  • yeah, that's a good point - my timeout is set to 10s. Once the log does come through (after up to 30mins), it does show that the lambda fully completed within the 10s timeout though.

  • I am having the same experience since this morning (April 7 2022, 9AM EST).

1 Answer

I'm gonna close this issue out ... seems like the issue was resolved by AWS ... I can't replicate it any more - crossing fingers it was just a temp thing.

answered 6 months ago

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