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EC2 Instance No Response after Force Stop


EC2 Instance No Response after Force Stop

Hi, my instance id is i-05a6f6d14e4f20d8e. My instance was stuck in a stopping state, thus I tried force stop on it. Unfortunately, after it has been stopped, I could not connect to the instance using cygwin or FileZilla. Following is my timed out message: "ssh: connect to host ec2---* port **: Connection timed out" Can someone take a look at this please?

asked 7 months ago70 views
1 Answer

If you stopped the EC2 instance, it will no longer be connectable until you start it again.

If your instance is stuck in a stopping state for a long period of time, there could be an issue and you should submit a ticket to have this looked at.

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answered 7 months ago
  • Also note that if your instance was assigned a Public IP (not an Elastic IP) then it will receive a new Public IP when it is restarted which will require you to use a different DNS name to connect to it.

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