Cannot delete because cluster <cluster name> currently has an update in progress


I have deployed an EKS cluster with a node group using Terraform a little bit ago but now when I want to delete it, I get the error "Cannot delete because cluster my-cluster currently has an update in progress"
There is no update in progress from what I can tell, meaning that there is no update to stop and no way to delete my cluster now. Both Terraform and the AWS console show the same error and I have no idea how to delete it.
There are no more nodes, autoscalers, load balancers, network interfaces or even a VPC associated with the cluster anymore. The cluster shows up as "Active".
I did perform updates on the cluster without syncing Terraform though. The VPC-CNI needed updating and the node group version as well. Terraform had that synced before deleting, so that shouldn't've been an issue.

How do I delete my cluster?

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After waiting for a little bit, I am not sure what it was that was updating, but for some reason that finished and now I can delete the cluster. Very odd, but alright. Question resolved itself I suppose..

answered 2 years ago

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