How can I get out of the local console of the AWS storage gateway?


I have implemented AWS storage gateway with linux kvm in on-promise.

It was possible to access only locally, so when I directly connected to the console, aws transit gateway appliance mode, which is a local console, came out.

I wanted to get out of that mode because there was something I wanted to set up in the Linux console.

I looked it up and it said that I can exit by pressing 'ctrl' + ']', but '^]' appears and I can't get out.

How can I get out of that mod?

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If you are using AWS Storage Gateway appliance and hosted on KVM hypervisor, I would suggest you to refer the AWS Doc [1] on how to connect appliance console from kvm command line. You can come out of the console by entering "X" if you are in main logged in prompt.

However, if you are looking for appliance's Linux OS level prompt (latest version is built on AL2 version) that is not possible since it is AWS managed and developed AMI image and we strongly recommend not to make any changes within the OS which will lead to issues with storage gateway appliance.

The we have already described in our public documentation [2]. You should treat the Storage Gateway appliance as a managed embedded device, and should not attempt to access or modify its installation in any way. Attempting to install or update any software packages using methods other than the normal gateway update mechanism (for example, SSM or hypervisor tools) may cause the gateway to malfunction.

Refer: [1] [2]

answered 4 months ago

Hi, adding to above answer, if you are looking to come out of the AWS Appliance console after exiting the configuration session using X, you would need to provide the Escape character. You would see an escape character when you are connected to the VM using virsh console <vmname>, for example like Escape character is ^]. Depending on the keyboard language settings, you might need to use different combination of keys. Please refer here for additional details. Thank you.

answered 4 months ago

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