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/Lightsail with 32 GB running is running slow. Sometimes goes down/

Lightsail with 32 GB running is running slow. Sometimes goes down


I have a lightsail server running my business critical application. I'm very much frustrated about its performance. Everyday around 11 PM at night(IST) application hosted here becomes unresponsive and sometimes it goes down. Whenever I'm running any video kept on server, it is taking 30-45 minutes to get buffered. This is so frustrating. The lightsail server has such a high configuration with disappointing performance. Interesting fact is I have a same application hosted in just host with very lower configuration but giving me better performance.

asked 21 days ago15 views
1 Answers

Thanks for using Lightsail! Have you looked at the "Metrics" tab to see what's going on with the underlying hardware? It's possible that you are running out of resources. If you need further help, please contact Customer Support and cut us a ticket and Lightsail engineer can help investigate the issue in detail.

answered 13 days ago

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