Secure https site on S3 without CloudFront


Is it possible to have a secure (https) site hosted on S3 without CloudFront? I am using AWS GovCloud, and CloudFront is not a service available to me, nor can I use the commercially available CloudFront. I need to find other methods that allow me to have an https site that can reach out to an authenticator. What services can I use to accomplish this? Do I use a VPN?

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You can follow the model described in this blog - From your question it isn't clear if it is a public website, but if it is you can tweak the blog to use a public ALB and if it isn't you would need direct connect or VPN to access the private website.

answered 19 days ago
  • Users will need to authenticate themselves in the GovCloud before they can access the website content, I'm not sure if that classifies it as public or not. According to that model, can you elaborate on why I would need an EC2 instance to access the website? I want to be able to go to a secure link, authenticate myself, and then gain access to the site.

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