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We recently moved our traditional on-premises files share sever to an EC2 instance with a Elastic Block Store (EBS) volume attached to it (only for a short period of time). The long term plan is to move the file store data from EBS disk to FSx for Windows File Server and get rid of EC2 instance.

What is the best way to move the data from EBS disk to FSX? We would like to retain the permissions and shares and migrate the data as smooth as possible. I know that Robocopy is an option but as I am coming from an Azure background and I am new to AWS, looking for a AWS migration tools or something native from AWS to help us to accomplish this task.

Best Regards Dav

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Hi Dav, To migrate data from an EBS volume to Amazon FSx for Windows, start by provisioning and mounting the FSx system on your existing EC2 instance.

Once set up, the two choices would be Robocopy or AWS DataSync.

I would suggest Robocopy as the tried and true method for migrating these files, but you could use AWS Datasync as well, whichever method you use, just take extra care to ensure your permissions are preserved as needed.

You can find more specific info on how AWS DataSync handles your files, objects, and their associated metadata at this following link: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/datasync/latest/userguide/configure-metadata.html

I hope this was helpful, if so please do remember to mark this answer as accepted and good luck!

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answered 7 months ago

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