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Hello, I have an SNS account that already has been moved out of sandbox. I would wish to verify a user number during sign up and/or as a MFA measure during sign in. However SNS does not seem to send the code to my user. I dont know what the problem could be; please assist

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I would first recommend you to enable SNS SMS Delivery Status Logs and check the providerResponse for any clues why SMS was not sent.

However, if you require additional help please contact AWS Premium Support and provide the following additional details needed for further investigation:

AWS Account ID

AWS region

3 - 4 SNS SMS logs (i.e. not older than 72 hours)

Lastly kindly note that SMS messages in the following Amazon Cognito Regions are rerouted through the corresponding supported Amazon SNS Regions.

|Amazon Cognito Regions | Supported Amazon SNS Regions |
|US East (Ohio)         | US East (N. Virginia)        |
|Asia Pacific (Mumbai)  | Asia Pacific (Singapore)     |
|Asia Pacific (Seoul)   | Asia Pacific (Tokyo)         |
|Canada (Central)       | US East (N. Virginia)        |
|Europe (Frankfurt)     | Europe (Ireland)             |
|Europe (London) 	| Europe (Ireland)             |
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