Is there a service that helps me creating custom Amazon Sumerian Host avatar, like Luke?


The Amazon Sumerian Hosts at aws-samples/amazon-sumerian-hosts open source project on GitHub has a glTF model library. It contains male and female characters and related animations, one of them is Luke.

I want to develop a custom Amazon Sumerian Host avatar, like Luke.

  • Is there a service that can help me to do that, perhaps or Wolf3D?
  • How do I do that from scratch using Blender, Reallusion Character Creator 4, Unreal Engine 5, or any other Creative Tools?
  • Are there any documents for the Amazon Sumerian Host avatar 3D model requirements bones, skinning, etc?

Thx, Ivan

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Hi there!

Thank you for reaching out. My name is Geovanni from AWS Support Team.

The Amazon Sumerian service is no longer accepting new customers and existing support for the service (including customer resources) have already been deprecated. We therefore recommend that you move any future projects to the new Babylon.js-AWS experience and publish your web app using a service like AWS Amplify Hosting.

For building avatars you can use our open source Amazon Sumerian Hosts JavaScript library on GitHub which supports BabylonJS, our recommended 3D web rendering engines.

  • BabylonJS offers the BabylonJS Editor which provides visual editing capabilities very similar to what Sumerian developers were used to with the Sumerian editor.
  • We provide a plug-in for the BabylonJS Editor that makes it easy to deploy your BabylonJS scenes to AWS Amplify with just a few clicks, much like the Sumerian editor's one-click publish feature.

You can view a sample of example video applications using BabylonJS in this YouTube playlist. You'll find the code for those examples in the GitHub repository linked above.

Thank you for your interest in AWS services. I hope the above information helps. Have a nice day.

answered a year ago
  • Thank you very much for your response, but that's not what I asked. I am very sorry I did not provide enough details so it can be understood and answered properly. I updated my post and added more details for you to understand the question.

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