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I have EKS cluster with two node groups one node group has taint for it's nodes. How karpenter will scale the nodes when it required to scale both nodes? If i add taints on my provisioner does this will add taints for all the scaled nodes because i don't want to add taints for my first node group when it scaled.

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Karpenter does not add/removes nodes to a specific nodegroup when it scales up/down the nodes based on the need. Karpenter looks at the provisioner for identifying the right node to be launched and the node specific configuration like labels, taints etc to be added to that specific node. This new node will not be a part of any node group.

Now lets assume you have two pods, one has the toleration and other does not have, then you will have to create two different provisioner, one with taint on the node which the pod tolerates and other without taints. So when the pod with toleration on it will be created node with taint will be created and for other pod, node from other provisioner will be created.

answered 8 months ago

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