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Service Limit Request Unassigned 20 hours later


I submitted a limit increase request 20 hours ago and I noticed that the status changed from work in progress to unassigned. I’m just wondering is it normal?

And I really need the limit increase ASAP cause my deep learning homework is due this Friday. Can anybody help speed up the process?

Case ID: 9376450621

  • It's been already more than 30 hours and still, I haven't got any reply from their end. It is still unassigned nearly 30 hours later.

    Case ID: 9376450621

asked 9 months ago61 views
1 Answer

There is no guaranteed time on service limit increases. If you only have basic support, there is a 24 hour target for first engagement on cases and depending on the limit it can take additional time to increase this.

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answered 9 months ago

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