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Can you check if my DNS setting is good? : Rackspace to Amazon SES


Hello, Can you check if my DNS setting is good? I use Cloudways to host Wordpress(woocommerce) site and I used Rackspace for email and I use Cloudflare cache. I decided to use Amazon SES for email for my website email marketing with Fluent CRM.

To setup SES, I went to DNS menu on Cloudflare, and I saw there are so many data in there. We used dreamhost hosting server many years ago, and I can see dreamhost data also in current DNS setting :)

I attached picture of the DNS setting Please let me know what I can delete. I guess I need to delete DNS data for Rackspace after I move all email from Racksapce to SES. []

By the way, Please let me know how to move all email from Rackspace to SES.

I don't know well about SES. So I 'm not sure if I understand SES correctly. Is SES email hosting service, or is it something different?

Thank you.

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Simple Email Service (SES) is used for sending and receiving mail, it is not a replacement as an email hosting service. AWS has a service that handles Email Hosting called WorkMail.

Some typical use cases for using SES are:

  • Sending out Welcome or Forgot Password emails to users
  • Sending notifications to users
  • Sending out newsletters to users

Please follow this documentation for validating your DNS for use with SES:

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answered a month ago

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