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I have an unused free tier AWS account. I got an email saying the free tier period will expire at the end of October, and if no action is taken, my resources will continue to run, and I’ll be automatically billed for any active resources. I've tried to follow the instructions to identify the active resources, but keep being sent round in circles. There is nothing labelled 'Details" in the billing section and the summary in that section is empty - no charges are due, yet when I go to the Tag editor as indicated, it brings up a list of 148. How do I make sure I have no active resources before cancelling the account?

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2 Answers

You might be seeing the new AWS Billing page layout, and your right it doesn't have a section called "Details" In the new experience about halfway down the page you will see a tab called "Charges by Service".

Here is a screenshot showing this tab

If you don't see any changes here, you should be good to close your account.

If you see the blue bar in your console like the screenshot above you can go back to the old bills page console that will line up with the instructions your following here

Note: The Billing and Cost Management console takes about 24 hours to update usage and charge information for active resources so as long as you haven't been using the account in the last 24 hours you should be fine.

answered 6 months ago

Thanks so much - that was very helpful indeed. No charges as I suspected, so I'll go ahead with cancelling the account.

answered 5 months ago

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