In a EC2 host, where are the files of the website ?



My client has a website hosted with EC2 , I have been in the terminal (Cloudshell) and looked for a folder like /var/www , but I could not find anything related to his website.

I also did not find a trace of a webserver (apache, nginx), so now I am wondering if I am even looking in the right place.

So, how can I be sure that the Cloudshell I am looking into corresponds to the website of my client ? (about his website, I only have his URL)

More generally, where are the files of his website ? :)

Thanks a lot

  • Are you sure the website is hosted on this EC2 instance and not elsewhere, like S3? And do you not have access to at least the codebase of the website?

    The locations usually depend on the tech stack and configurations rather than EC2. I'd start looking in the home directory for ec2-user if there are any clues. Also check /var/log/cloud-init.log and /var/log/cloud-init-output.log to see if any user data script has been run to install or set up anything.

  • Thanks, no I don't have access to the codebase of the site, I am looking for it :) (and I don't have a copy either to help me searching for it). I am sure it's a EC2 instance, I have checked with this and it returns : AWS EC2 (eu-west-3) (you can check as well, the website is

    I have checked /var/log and the files you are mentioning are not there.


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Have you checked if there is a docker service running a container hosting a web service?

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answered 19 days ago
  • Hello, no I haven't checked, on the left panel in where should I go ? there is thie "Image" section but I don't see anything there

  • I am just wondering something very simple: how to find a trace of the URL's website in this EC2 dashboard ?

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