Root User account linked to IAM user's account


After closing my root account, all the IAM Users accounts including my admin IAM account are now getting an authentication error when trying to log in to the AWS console.

My plan is to terminate my root account and transfer to an Admin account without getting authentication errors from the IAM Users when they tried login, and while still being able to manage those IAM users accounts.

How can I resolve this issue?

  • How did you close the root account? Hope you didnt close the AWS account logged in as root user?

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If you close your root account you are closing the WHOLE AWS account. You can not just close a root user, its the whole AWS account

To reopen your account, I believe you have to log as root and request via support to reopen your account.

Best practice is NOT to login as root, save that for break glass only and use IAM Auth to login and to manage your account. Keep root credentials safe and secure with 2FA.

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answered a year ago
  • What do you mean by use IAM Auth to login? If I want to transfer my root account to IAM Auth, am I still able to manage the rest of IAM users that were linked to the root account after the transfer?

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