My route53 domain is not propagating


Hello I bought a domain through Route53 but as far as I can tell it is not propagating. I have configured various subdomains but nothing seems to be working - I cannot access anything on that domain.

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Please check if the domain is active or not from the i am able to see the information of the domain, I hope this domain registrar is AWS , Can you check you have hostedzone and domains are active?

When you register a new domain, ICANN requires that we get confirmation that the email address for the registrant contact is valid. To get confirmation, we send an email that contains a link. (If you don't respond to the first email, we resend the same email up to two more times.) You have between 3 and 15 days to click the link, depending on the top-level domain. After that time, the link stops working.

If you don't click the link in the email in the allotted amount of time, ICANN requires that we suspend the domain. For information about how to resend the confirmation email to the registrant contact, see Resending authorization and confirmation emails.

Information here/;

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