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Dear Experts,

Our use of the QLDN is programmatic via API endpoints, all CRUD Operations are done via the deployed API endpoint. Please we have a situation where we believe adding more fields in the metadata section of the segments revision history might help us track changes more expediently.

In the Journal revision history API response, What we have today:

response cut short************** "metadata": { "id": "9hUtjL7taVu36pRGZ995iG", "version": 4, "txTime": "2022-11-28T18:34:44.454Z", "txId": "LNQEhATqdhyCm8thrtggPz" } response cut short**************

In the journal revision history API response,What we hope to achieve: response cut short************** "metadata": { "id": "9hUtjL7taVu36pRGZ995iG", "version": 4, "txTime": "2022-11-28T18:34:44.454Z", "txId": "LNQEhATqdhyCm8thrtggPz" "createdBy": "6299d4f8710fba0013744654" "updatedBy": "62572fe658ceba00141a1396" } response cut short**************

We have been searching for resources online to guide us on this implementation, however no luck yet. Please is this a possibility today and how can this be achieved, if possible?

any guidance or advise will be well appreciated.

Thank you, Lio

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Hi Lio. I know where you are coming from as it is a question I have asked previously. The metadata section is added by the QLDB service. Unfortunately, there is no way for a customer to add any custom attributes to this section. The alternative approach I use is to add additional attributes to each table such as createdBy if that is what is needed, so they will be presented in the data section and usable

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answered a year ago

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