Log in to Google Workspace using AWS SSO as IdP


I have found many documents and tutorials on how to set up AWS SSO using Google as the IdP, but I want to set up my Google Workspace so that I have to use IAM Identity Center as the login for my Google Workspace (opposite of what most folks are writing up)?

Have verified that SSO from IAM Identity Center (IdC) works (aka IdP-Initiated SSO). Workspace to IdC does not (aka SP-Initiated SSO).

Has anyone done this and if so how did you get it to work so when a user goes to Google, it validates at IIC SSO and returns them back to the Google service?

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To clarify, you want to use IAM Identity Center as IdP (identity provider) to Google Workspace. I am not aware of anyone that has done it. If your IAM Identity Center identity source is Active Directory, you can refer to Federating Google Cloud with Active Directory

For other identity source, the following may help

Using an external IdP

Best practices for federating Google Cloud with an external identity provider

answered 8 months ago

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