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gmail mx records issue


Hi, My domain is registered on Bluehost which is using CloudFront distribution to serve the website.

I tried to set up Gmail workspace for email. Google provided me with the MX records to be added. I tried to add on Bluehost but it didn't work. Talking to Bluehost support they suggested that since the website is being hosted on CloudFront you should add the MX record there. I am not sure where I can add on cloudfront. Does that mean I have to add those records using route53.

I would really appreciate any advice around this please.

2 Answers

Cloudfront is a CDN, it is not DNS. You can check where your DNS hosted by checking NS records.

Use something like to check NS records for your domain. If it shows NS records as *awsdns* then it is hosted on Route53, otherwise DNS for your domain is hosted on bluehost most probably.

answered 10 months ago

Thanks for the reply. I tried and there are no ns lookup records. And I never remove any ns records. All I did I just added the CNAME so that the domain points to cloudfront distribution.

I am not sure what do I need to do now. Please advise.

answered 10 months ago
  • Where did you add your NS records? That's your DNS provider; and it's where you will need to add the MX records.

  • Please use comment option to communication on answer. Your DNS is hosted where you setup the CNAME record. And you will be adding MX record just like you added CNAME, just select the type MX from the dropdown

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