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/Open Source .NET Framework that abstract out AWS CDK calls to EventBridge/

Open Source .NET Framework that abstract out AWS CDK calls to EventBridge


Is there an Open Source .NET Framework that abstract out AWS CDK calls like sending message to EventBridge, logging etc...? The purpose is to focus on the business logic and not on infrastructure. MassTransit is such a framework but does not work with EventBridge.

  • Please note that AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit) is not designed for integrating the AWS services into your applications, but it's rather an infrastructure-as-code toolkit. Did you mean AWS SDK (Software Development Kit) instead?

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Could you clarify what exactly you are looking to do? The existing open source AWS CDK library makes it very easy to create an EventBus in EventBridge that your application code can later use. For example, in one project I use the following to create one:

LicensingEventBus = new EventBus(this, "LicensingEvents", new EventBusProps
        EventBusName = "LicensingEvents"

In my application code, I then use the AWS SDK for .NET to push events on to the EventBus:

_ebClient = new AmazonEventBridgeClient();
var transactionEvents = new PutEventsRequest();
var busEntry = new PutEventsRequestEntry
        Source = this.GetType().Namespace,
        EventBusName = _eventBusName,
        DetailType = "transaction",
        Time = DateTime.Now,
        Detail = myEventJson
await _ebClient.PutEventsAsync(transactionEvents);
answered 3 months ago
  • It is a noise when you use such code in the middle of business logic. These calls can be abstracted out so it will work well with business logic. nServiceBus, MassTransit are examples for libraries.

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