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/How to read cross-account CloudWatch metrics programmatically?/

How to read cross-account CloudWatch metrics programmatically?


Hi, I want to ask about how to get CloudWatch metrics from another (shared) account in the organization, when I'm working in the monitoring account.

I want to collect CloudWatch metrics from every account in the organization, and then process them in a central place in the monitoring account. Since we create and delete AWS accounts frequently, it isn't feasible to create a fixed dashboard to collect all metrics in the console.

I have tried to share CloudWatch metrics from an account to a central monitoring account. Although I can access the metrics in the console, it seems to fail when I call cloudwatch_client.get_metric_data in the Python code. I have set up the cross-account metrics sharing config, but the code (using credentials from the monitoring account) is not authorized to perform cloudwatch:GetMetricData on the shared account's instances.

Is there anything wrong that I have done? If so, how can I use CloudWatch Python client to read metrics of a shared account in my monitoring account.

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The CloudWatch cross account features is enabled via a role in each source account, called CloudWatch-CrossAccountSharingRole. That role gives the monitoring account GetMetricData API access.

To retrieve metrics from source accounts you just need to assume CloudWatch-CrossAccountSharingRole and then call GetMetricData with the credentials returned from assume role. Code would be something like (note: untested):

sts = boto3.client("sts", region_name="us-east-1")
account_b = sts.assume_role(
access_key = account_b["Credentials"]["AccessKeyId"]
secret_key = account_b["Credentials"]["SecretAccessKey"]
session_token = account_b["Credentials"]["SessionToken"]
cloudwatch = boto3.client(
res = cloudwatch.get_metric_data(...)
answered 2 months ago

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