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Step function state to execute a Glue job seems to be stalling


Hi - I have a step function set up that invokes a glue job. This happens successfully, and the glue job succeeds in about 30 seconds. The step function state simply stays on running, never moving to the next state. I've waited about an hour after the glue job succeeded.

Here is my state for the glue job:

"Glue-Transform": {
"Type": "Task",
"Resource": "arn:aws:states:::glue:startJobRun.sync",
"Parameters": {
"JobName": "job-name",
"Arguments": {
"--argument.$": "$"
"Catch": [{
"ErrorEquals": ["States.DataLimitExceeded",
"ResultPath": "$.Error",
"Next": "MapFailed"
"Catch": [{
"ErrorEquals": ["States.ALL"],
"ResultPath": "$.Error",
"Next": "MapFailed"
"End": true

I haven't been able to find documentation on troubleshooting anything related to this, besides this page which only details how to start a simple job, which I believe I am following correctly:

1 Answer

Found my answer here -

The solution to my actual problem was permissions. You need four permissions when running a startJogRun.sync:

Those are actually the Terraform values, but should help anybody struggling with this.

answered a year ago

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