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I setup a Workspace which I would like to protect it by whitelisting IP. After I added my public IP (IP X) to IP Access Control Group, I am able to connect to my Workspace. I have a proxy server built using shadowsocks on Ubuntu. I connect my computer to this proxy server using ClashX, and get my public IP (IP Y). When I connect to the proxy server, I have to whitelist both IP X and IP Y before I can connect to Workspace. If I only whitelist only either X or Y, I will not be able to connect to Workspace. What could be the reason? Thanks.

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There are two types of traffic for WorkSpaces.

  1. Streaming traffic(TCP and UDP ports 4172, 4175) - This needs to be proxy bypassed. Doesnt support proxying.
  2. Authentication traffic(TCP 443) - This can be proxied. When you are talking about IP Control Groups, you are talking only about authentication. You also need to make sure the streaming traffic is unblocked.

I would first try WebClient to check whether Public IP X and Public IP Y works with different IP Control Groups before testing Thick Clients.

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