should i need to use global accelerator?


hello guys , i am hosting my landing page in amazon ec2 , my all traffic is from india only and my ec2 server location is mumbai , should i need to use global accelerator for me ? because i want to make my landing page as fast as possible , if yes then i tried to create but i got health check error so , can you give any good doc for setup accelerator for ec2

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Curious why you want to use Global Accelerator and not Cloudfront. If it is a web application, Cloudfront is a better option compared to Global Accelerator.

Please take a look at this in the Global Accelerator FAQs -

Q: How is AWS Global Accelerator different from Amazon CloudFront?

A: AWS Global Accelerator and Amazon CloudFront are separate services that use the AWS global network and its edge locations around the world. CloudFront improves performance for both cacheable content (such as images and videos) and dynamic content (such as API acceleration and dynamic site delivery). Global Accelerator improves performance for a wide range of applications over TCP or UDP by proxying packets at the edge to applications running in one or more AWS Regions. Global Accelerator is a good fit for non-HTTP use cases, such as gaming (UDP), IoT (MQTT), or Voice over IP, as well as for **HTTP use cases that specifically require static IP addresses **or deterministic, fast regional failover. Both services integrate with AWS Shield for DDoS protection.

Does your web application require static IP addresses?

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There are some considerations when you add an EC2 as endpoint to Global Accelerator, see the list here:

Amazon EC2 instance endpoints

  • An EC2 instance endpoint can't be one of the following types: C1, CC1, CC2, CG1, CG2, CR1, CS1, G1, G2, HI1, HS1, M1, M2, M3, or T1.
  • EC2 instances are supported as endpoints in only some AWS Regions. For a list of supported Regions, see Supported AWS Regions for client IP address preservation.
  • We recommend that you remove an EC2 instance from Global Accelerator endpoint groups before you terminate the instance. If you terminate an EC2 instance before you remove it from an endpoint group in Global Accelerator, and then you create another instance in the same VPC with the same private IP address, and health checks pass, Global Accelerator will route traffic to the new endpoint.
  • EC2 instances cannot be added as dual-stack endpoints.

Here is the user guide for Adding, editing, or removing a standard endpoint

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