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Hello, I am using mountpoint-s3 in rhel9 for an application to deposit logs, but when I want to read those logs(cat file.log) at the operating system level it tells me that the operation is not allowed because the file is in use, how can I change this behavior so that allow me to read the file in use?

Apr 18 18:13:27 ip-10-191-171-253 mount-s3[169850]: [WARN] open{req=953588 ino=4 pid=1642821 name=xyxyx.log}: mountpoint_s3::fuse: open failed: inode error: inode 4 (full key "bucket/prefix/xyxyx.log") is not readable while being written Apr 18 18:13:28 ip-10-191-171-253 mount-s3[169850]: [INFO] mountpoint_s3::metrics: fuse.op_failures[op=open]: 1

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Hello, this seems expected behavior based on the following reference and the error message. You may create a GitHub issue for a feature request.

  • New files that are being written are not available for reading until the writing application closes the file and Mountpoint finishes uploading it to S3
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