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Athena Query timeout


Can the timeout or resources used by Athena to run a query be configured? I have query which spans over a year of data but it times out after 30 mins after having ready about 54GB.

asked 2 months ago143 views
2 Answers

The 30-minute DDL query limit is a soft limit, and an increase can be requested in the Service Quotas console.

Also in case it helps I know that people often end up with very long queries because they haven't partitioned their data and limited how many partitions their queries scan. See for example.

answered 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago

Thanks. Appreciate the link on the use of partition projections in Athena. On further analysis, the user was trying to aggregate 37 Billion rows of data on a group of columns that made each rows unique. :-)

answered 2 months ago

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