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Hello, I want to build an IoT Mobile App for a students project. For this, I want to use AWS. I never used AWS before, so my question is maybe a little bit stupid.

I want to send data from my IoT devices to AWS. For this, I am using the IoT core. This works fine. But I dont know what to do next. I know that you can define rules for incomming MQTT topics. But I dont now how to use them. I need four things:

  1. Store data in a database (I think I can just use Dynamo DB in the rules section. But is there maybe another/better way / another DB?)
  2. Request the data from the Mobile App
  3. Send data from the Mobile App to AWS and publish the data to my IoT devices
  4. Delete Data from the database.

How can I do this or what serviec/tools I need to use?

Thanks for your help.

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Rules give your devices the ability to interact with AWS services. Rules are analyzed and actions are performed based on the MQTT topic stream [1]. You can also see examples of all the services integration [2]. For dynamoDB , The DynamoDB (dynamoDB) action writes all or part of an MQTT message to an Amazon DynamoDB table [3].

Storing your incoming data and how to access is thereafter depends upon the requirements. example is this more of analytics use case or transactional nature. If your mobile app wants to publish some data to IoT devices in real time, then best is to write it to MQTT topics which they can subscribe.

There are some good blogs that you can refer as well [4]

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answered 4 months ago
  • Hi, thanks for your answer. One more question: Is there any way to create a project where I can work together with another person? Or do we have to share one account?

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