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How to limit s3 mutlipart upload filesize?


My customer allows users to upload files via multipart upload to S3. We're using the PHP SDK to create the multipart upload.

How is it possible with S3 multipart uploads to limit the maximum filesize?

Please suggest a way to implement this, the documentation didn't seem to provide any insight into this.

asked 5 months ago70 views
1 Answer

Are you trying to limit the part size for the multipart (i.e. "no multi-part files larger than 1GB")? If so, there is a >part_size argument for the MultipartUploader object.<

answered 5 months ago
  • I'm trying to limit the total size of the multipart upload. So the use case is allowing users to upload files directly to s3 by creating the multipart upload and then giving the user presigned upload urls for the parts which works fine. What I'm doing right now is checking after each part upload if the part list is above the size limit I want to enforce, but I wonder if there is a limit I can set on multipart upload creation.

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