dynamoDB NoSQL Workbench fails to commit all the items


I created a table and put 107 items by using NoSQL Workbench, and successfully commited the table with 107 items into my local dynamoDB.

However, I half failed to commit the same table into my remote dynamoDB. Workbench displays an error message saying only 45, 46, or 47 items are put instead of all 107 items. The number of successful transfers such as 45, 46, and 47 is also different each commit time.

Why only less than half items are successfully commited to remote dynamoDB? Why OK with local dynamoDB? Thanks much in advance for your help in this matter.

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My assumption here is that your remote table does not have enough capacity to commit all the items and is failing due to excessive throttling. You do not have this issue when committing to local.

To diagnose, check your tables metrics section in the AWS web console and have a look for write throttling events. If you see a spike in throttles at the same time as your commit it indicates you must increase your tables capacity (WCU).

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  • Thanks for your advice. I will check the metrics and increase the capacity.

  • I assume you're correct in that it's a throttling issue, but how do you fix this? NoSQL Workbench creates the table for you, and then automatically puts the items. If you try to 'Commit to Amazon DynamoDB' again, it fails because the table already exists. There is no "window" to increase the table capacity.

  • That is correct and its something the NoSQL Workbench team are aware of. It should be resolved in future releases.

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