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Having a tough time on this. tldnr: Want to connect remote office to AD instance via Sonicwall AWS VPN and access all the services without having an on prem DC. It "appears" that this is possible, but I'm not finding all the pieces. Are there guides that I can follow or is this a non-starter?

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I think we need to check your requirements completely. However, I think the same use-case is possible using the AWS Client VPN with Active Directory. The AWS Client VPN software client supports all authentication mechanisms offered by the AWS Client VPN service — authentication with Active Directory using AWS Directory Services, Certificate-based authentication, and Federated Authentication using SAML-2.0.

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To get a more clear & concise answer, It would be great if you can share additional details on the setup. Also, will CVPN suffice your requirement or you may need to use EC2 instance and use software VPN and not AWS VPN for the same depending on your requirement.

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answered 8 months ago
  • Ultimately, after a longish session with support. We determined that the Lightsail environment does not support two way direct communications over the site to site vpn. So, the resolution is migrating to EC2 and setting up from there. I'm about 90% of the way there. Just have a few hiccups to iron out. Thanks for the reply.

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